About Us

Keys Capital Incorporated was formed to facilitate 1031 Exchanges for investors nationwide. Jack Shea had been participating as a Florida Real Estate Exchanger since 1982, and as a facilitator since 1986. An active investor and exchanger for his own account, Jack began acting for investors around the country. Merle Shea, the President, has also been an investor and business owner for over 25 years. They are both real estate licensees.

Jack Shea, QI

Jack Shea grew up in Chicago and attended the University of Illinois where he received a BS degree in Engineering.  He spent seven years as an Air Force Pilot flying four-engine transports and ten years in Marketing flight simulators and avionics products.

Jack moved to Florida in 1978, and began investing in real estate.  He is a licensed Realtor.  He has concentrated on buying and selling single-family homes and notes.  Jack operates a 1031 exchange business as well as conducts classes on the details of tax-free sales and purchases.  He also has written a book on Options and teaches seminars nationwide on Trusts, Options, Exchanges, IRAs and Note Investing.  He has developed several unique strategies using Trusts, Options, Exchanges and a hybrid IRA Checkbook Control Trust that can hold Real Estate, Notes and other Personal Property.

Daniel Imbior, QI

Daniel Imbior has passed the rigorous study and testing for a QI (Qualified Intermediary) granted by the Federation of Exchange Accommodaters. He is a member of the Government Relations Committee of the FEA. He has traveled to Washington to meet with the Senate finance committee and congressional tax writing staff. The FEA is trying to preserve the 1031 tax free exchange in the tax code. There are factions in Congress in favor of eliminating it, as a revenue raiser. He is also an experienced investor, rehabber and landlord for his own account.